Hoovering by Gaslight

I keep seeing (and hearing) the word ‘fractionation’. It has seemingly come from nowhere and now abounds Fet regularly. I didn’t know what it was at first until some kind soul elucidated it to me.

Ah, I thought; I know what that is. It’s a combination of the seductionsilent treatmenttalk to me now, respite, benevolent and malign Hoovers with a dash of the gaslight power play thrown in. An utterly toxic mix which forms part of the N types ‘devils toolkit.’

Or to put it another way, it’s an extremely good way of sending even a neurotypical person stark, raving bonkers. There are counter methods which can be deployed but they only work if the recipient is not emotionally involved as the successful deployment must be done in a cold and clinical state or they will be doomed to fail.

Another word I see a lot is ‘Incel’. I’ve had links sent to me by a couple of people now (I had to have that word explained too) and I’ve read in shock and awe how some people (usually men but sometimes women) think. Some men would like the government to force women into sexual relationships with men who cannot get laid. I don’t want to live in that world where the state enforces rape.

Here’s another couple of words to conjure with. Jordan. Peterson. I can’t honestly say I managed to get to the end of one of his videos but his name is now everywhere. Apart from stating the bleeding obvious about him (wink wink) he witters on I note, on topics such as ‘Why girls fall for bad guys’. This then leaves the poor underachieving males without a mate, hence their gene line ends. Or something.

But it got me thinking.

There are theories on how Anti-Social Personality Disorder comes about in a human. Some say it is a childhood trauma (phenotypical), or it is inherited (genotypical). Others’ point to either neglectful parent or one that smothers the child. An equally intresting question though is how is an Empath formed. The more I read and observe, the more it seems to me that the E’s and the N’s are actually incredibly similar in the ways they behave. Not all of course but enough to make you go – ahh!

I propose this, that excessive qualities of empathy is also inherited. Now’s here’s the catch. There are reasons that girls go for bad guys and leave the good but often dull ones behind. Let’s propose the ‘bad’ guy is an N and the girl is an E. They meet, she falls in love (he wont) and they go onto have children. What is the likelihood of them producing children through their own genes who will go on to become either an N or an E? Yup. And thusly the cycle perpetuates down the ages. This could be a reason why when you spot an N and you then examine how their family is composed, you will ALWAYS find them paired with an E. Either a Co-Dependent, a Empath or a Super Empath but it is usually a co-dependent because they are easier to maintain and will go on to the very bitter end before they collapse under the strain of maybe years worth of domestic abuse.

I know the Co-Dependent very well because my mother is one so I’ve had many, many years to study the dynamic between my parents. The closest I would put it down to is a ‘1950’s’ household or even a version of M/s She has to ask his permission to do things, you see. That is the least of it. My mother is utterly and blissfully unaware of who and what she is (and her very great importance to my father). As much as I want to explain to her how this whole thing works, there’s really no point. The trammeling is such in her mind that I would be painted ‘black’ and scapegoated. For the eleventy-billionth time. Incidentally, this is known as The Stepford Devaluation. More on that can be read here

I escaped that toxic mix in my early twenties. It wasn’t until many, many years later that I finally understood and realise 1 – my childhood was abusive and 2 – the bond between Ns and Es.

Yesterday was a tough day. Not just with my brothers assault but witnessing an epic family row (I did not particulate, I just listened in horror). To watch two Ns slug it out would be utterly hilarious if it wasn’t for the language they flung at each other. As a side note, when two Ns argue, none of what they say really makes sense as they employ totally circular arguments and word salad at each other.

Once your eyes become opened then you can never go back and you begin to see it everywhere. It is much more common than people believe; the N-E coupling with children who may (or may not be and E or N themselves) but will always be serving as golden child/scapegoat. The great tragedy in society is that very possibly the majority of Ns don’t actually know they are Ns, they are not self aware they just know that the hoovers and power plays work. The vast majority of Es have a handle on that fact that they have greater empathic qualities than are usual in society but are very very likely NOT to be aware of why their relationships are always so toxic and hence when they keep on attracting bad boys/girls.

So that’s another good reason to always wear a condom!

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