Come and look at my new site! Fuel, Fear and Fury – Revealing the Narcissistic Mind

As some will know, I have been for several years now a big champion for education concerning the abuses that regularly go on in the kink scene. Often this is Dominants to submissives. Not always but usually. Invariably it is usually male Doms to female subs. Not always but usually.

However, in the late autumn of 2017, an event changed my life. Whilst I understood the usual adore, devalue, discard cycles which are the hallmark of narcissistic abuse; I did not know why it kept on happening to me. Or why N type behaviour could be so utterly perplexing and illogical.

Then one day, I found a website called I read and read and read. I then turned to the author, H. G. Tudor’s many books on the subject. A self confessed sociopath, the works are astounding and groundbreaking. However, he is a narcissist and whilst he gives many insightful comments into the empathic mind, he cannot know what it means to be one. I am an empath. This is where I step in.

I am also a survivor of 42 years worth of narcissistic abuse. Now, after months of writing and reading, I am ready to present my own new blog, Fuel, Fear and Fury.  A book of the same name is well underway.

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